So you get a credit card without credit record query

In this article I will tell you how and where you can get a credit card without credit check and proof of salary for Germany and Austria.

If you want to buy something on the Internet these days or even want to earn some money on the Internet part-time, you can hardly avoid a credit card.

Usually, if you have an account with a bank, you can theoretically request a credit card from most banks. But since it is often also a loan agreement, you need a good credit rating. You must not have a credit record entry in Germany and no entry in KSV in Austria.


What is a prepaid credit card?

credit card?

A prepaid credit card is a full credit card, but it works in contrast to a normal credit card on a credit basis. As a cardholder, you pay the money into the prepaid card account yourself using a bank account and only then can you pay with it and dispose of it at any time. Therefore, you can only spend the money that you previously loaded onto the card.

You do not have to have your own account, because with some prepaid credit cards you even get an account with a German account number for incoming payments.


The 3 main fees

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… are flat rate and only apply if you use the card.

  • Up to 2 dollars transaction fee if you top up the card using SEPA transfer. (with some providers such as Across Lender the whole thing is free).
  • 5 dollars if you withdraw money from an ATM. You can withdraw a maximum of 400 dollars per day.
  • up to 2.75% foreign currency use, payments in USD are free of charge

As already mentioned, the cards are valid for up to three years after purchase. Most prepaid credit card providers also incur an additional annual fee of around 20 dollars.


My conclusion about the credit card without a credit check

credit card without a credit check

I think the fees are fair, because even with my Visa card, which I had from my house bank, I had to pay several dollars when I pulled it from my ATM. I am also charged an annual fee there, but there are no transaction fees, which of course speaks for a card in the bank.

Personally, therefore, I got a Across Lender prepaid credit card, despite having a Visa card, because I see many advantages in it and I can also have income from my online business paid out directly to the card.

The card can be requested online in just a few minutes if you are resident in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.